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In 2014, St. Petersburg College implemented Faculty180 (SPC’s digital portfolio tool) as the submission platform for full time faculty annual evaluations. In 2015, it was rolled out for adjunct faculty. The digital portfolio platform incorporates SPC instructional evaluation criteria and course data reflection, providing electronic archive of activities and supporting documentation to be utilized from year to year.

Faculty180 Homepage

SPC single sign-on has been implemented as the login method for Faculty180. To log in, please visit: http://www.data180.com/faculty180/spcollege
From our feedback, Faculty180 seems to provide better results when browsed with Google Chrome. If asked, just use your regular SPC credentials to log in. Please do not begin completing your form until you read the corresponding tutorial below.

SPC Faculty Evaluation Form Tutorials.

The forms for the evaluation year of summer 2017 – spring 2018 are now open. Faculty not teaching between summer 2017 and spring 2018 don’t need to complete an evaluation form for that academic year unless their Dean, Chair, or Program Director requests it. The following 2016 – 2017 tutorials are available as reference only (most of the form remains the same besides the difference in year and some graphical improvements), with new tutorials coming in January 2018:

How to complete the SPC Adjunct Faculty Evaluation Form Summer 2016 – Spring 2017 PDF (updated on 4/5/2017).

How to complete the SPC Full-time Faculty Evaluation Form Summer 2016 – Spring 2017 PDF (updated on 11/28/2016).

How to complete the SPC Clinical Faculty Evaluation Form Summer 2016 – Spring 2017 PDF (updated on 5/10/2017).

SSI Data

Data for summer and fall 2017 is now available on your Faculty180 form. For information regarding the SSI Data, please refer to the PDF tutorials provided above. Additionally, you can access the most recent state of your data directly from the Student Survey of Instruction Website under the section Access SSI and Grade Distribution Results.

Additional Documentation

Self Evaluation Rubric PDF
Why are we doing this? (Transition to electronic form) PDF
SSI Results Database (Database containing your SSI Data, Grade Distribution Results, and Student Comments)
Viewing an evaluation from a previous academic year
How to evaluate your faculty in Faculty180 (Applies only to Deans, Chairs, and Program Directors) PDF
How to complete the Dean Approval step (Applies only to Deans) PDF

Having trouble?

Log-in difficulties: If you are unable to log in with your SPC credentials, close your browser completely and try the Faculty180 alternative log-in steps PDF using Google Chrome.
Technical issues: If you encounter a technical issue with Faculty180 after reading this year’s tutorial such as a missing or wrong evaluation form, The Center of Excellence in Teaching and Learning has a Technical Support Specialist that you can contact at capobianco.marco@spcollege.edu
Academic inquiries: For questions regarding the academic aspect of the SPC evaluation process such as the topics on each module and expectations about the evaluation process, please contact your assigned evaluator (Dept. Chair, Program Director, or Dean).


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