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4th Annual CETL All Adjunct Day

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Your CETL team put together a robust agenda specifically for adjunct faculty on Saturday, August 3rd on the Clearwater campus in the new ES building. Only 100 slots were available for this forum, but others will be held throughout the upcoming school year. Scroll down to see all the fun and keep an eye out for training coming to your campus!

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09:05 – 10:00am: Workshop Session I – Student Success

Critical Thinking: Tips for Student Success – Janice Thiel


This session will provide insight on how to encourage critical thinking in your classes using best practice tools and strategies.

Academic Honesty: How you can encourage a culture of success – Dave Monroe

How can you promote Academic Honesty in your courses? What resources are at your disposal? What resources are available at SPC?

Learning Support Services – Melanie Paden

How can Learning Support Services provide academic assistance to students in your courses? Attend this session to learn how these services support learning outcomes.

Gradebook 101: Using grades to communicate and support student success. – Karen Fritch & Tim Godcharles

How do you set up your gradebook? Attend this session to learn how an organized and detailed gradebook can effectively communicate performance to students.

Online Library Integration – Jenica Ibarra
Library Guide to Faculty Resources
More info about Films on Demand

Encourage your students to use SPC’s online library to support your online, face to face, or blended course. Attend this session to learn how to navigate library resources and support effective research skills.

10:05 – 11:00am: Workshop Session II – Student Retention

Writing with Integrity: An interdisciplinary approach to supporting student writing throughout the curriculum. – Li-Lee Tunceren

Student writing requires an interdisciplinary approach. How can you encourage and/or enhance student writing in your courses?

Disability Resources – Peg Connell
Disability Resouces

Learn how your Disability Resource Specialist can support SPC students. Understand the requirements for serving students (what you can and cannot ask students) and how to best communicate with students with disabilities.

5 x 180 – What’s your role? – Matthew Stewart

How do you fit into the 5 x 180 plan? Regardless of whether you are a full time faculty member, adjunct, or learning support professional; student success is an institutional priority.

ANGEL “Tips & Tricks” – Karen Fritch & Tim Godcharles

Attend this session to learn how to support student engagement, learning, and success in your ANGEL course. Have questions? Bring them with you!

SLS & My Learning Plan – Anja Norman 

Learn how SPC’s My Learning Plan and student life skills (SLS) support academic achievement and retention at SPC.

11:05 – 12:00pm: Workshop Session III – Adjunct Support

Working as an Adjunct: Challenges & Solutions – Dan Campbell 

There are several challenges when working within a dynamic institution part time. Learn how to align resources, initiate communication, and engage students to make your experience rewarding.

Student Resources & Clubs – Stephanie Henningsen

Did you know that research suggests students who participate in clubs and campus activities often perform well academically? Did you know that you can participate and support student clubs and organizations as an adjunct? Attend this session to learn more about the wide array of resources for SPC students.

SSI’s & Faculty Evaluations – Anja Norman

How do SSI’s impact and influence adjunct evaluations? How can you potentially improve your SSI’s and your annual evaluation? Want to know more? Attend this session!

Where is it? – Li-Lee Tunceren

Where is it?! Staff central, MySPC, OneCollege Support, campus safety, technical support and other associated links are embedded throughout the college website. Learn a few simple tips on how to navigate and find what you need to be successful each semester.

Communicating Effectively with Students – Eric Carver

Many instructors have various means of communicating with students. Learn a few “tips and tricks” on how to develop a strategy for communicating with students.

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