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Academic Integrity

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  Academic Integrity


If you encounter cheating, plagiarism, or other academic integrity issues in your classes, please fill out the Academic Integrity Faculty Reporting Form available in MyCourses.

To access the full set of updated resources and information, go to CETL 006: Academic Integrity OR go into MyCourses and use the search tool to find CETL 006: Academic Integrity.

There you will find the faculty reporting form, and you will see information about the process that is open, transparent, and fair to all.


  Invitation to join the Academic Integrity Council

The Academic Integrity Council is a College-wide committee made up of current SPC students and full-time faculty. Its mission is to encourage and support academic integrity at our institution.

Click here to apply now to serve on the Academic Integrity Council.

The primary duty of the Council is to promote best practices for integrity-based teaching and learning. To that end, the Council will meet at least once per semester, starting in the fall, to evaluate the process for more effective implementation.

Council members must also be available throughout the semester to serve on the committees that make decisions at Academic Integrity hearings. A hearing committee consists of five people: one chairperson, two faculty members, and two students. Hearings are held as needed, and a call will go out to the Council for volunteers each time a hearing is being scheduled. For more information, see the official Board of Trustees Academic Integrity Procedure.

Special thanks to Bonnie Jefferis, Melanie Paden, Christy Powers, Shannon Ulrich, and Christian Moriarty for their dedication to this improved process.

If you would like more information, speak to your Dean or Academic Chair, or you can contact Christian Moriarty.

Thank you.

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