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An opportunity for Faculty to Serve as part of the CETL Board of Directors

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We have an open seat on the CETL Board of Directors (BOD). We are looking for an outstanding faculty member to join the CETL BOD starting in January 2016.

Serving on the CETL BOD is a wonderful way to serve your fellow faculty by supporting excellence in teaching and learning through professional development.

CETL BOD Membership:

  • Each CETL BOD member serves for a two year term and attends monthly CETL BOD meetings in fall and spring semesters for approximately 8 meetings total each academic year. Meetings during summer are on an as needed basis for special projects.
  • Monthly meetings are held on Fridays, mid-morning for 1.5 hours at the CETL offices in the BT building on the Clearwater campus (there is a call in or web option for BOD members that are not able to make it to CL on meeting day).
  • CETL BOD members participate in planning college wide professional development opportunities for all faculty; CETL grant and award decisions; planning for CETL administrative and faculty support functions; and special projects related to the core mission of excellence in teaching and learning as determined annually.
  • Participation on the CETL BOD qualifies as a professional development, college wide contributions and leadership experience to be highlighted as part of faculty evaluations.

Please complete the Membership Survey if you are interested in serving on the CETL Board of Directors.

If you have any questions about service on the CETL BOD, please feel free to contact CETL anytime or reach out to any of our current members as listed on our CETL BOD webpage.

Thank you for your consideration to serve.

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