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🏅 CETL Distinguished Faculty Awards

The Distinguished Faculty Award began in 2014 as an annual award presented for excellence in one or more of the following areas:

  • Enthusiasm for SPC’s mission, culture and values
  • Innovative and effective use of student success strategies
  • Demonstration of best practices in student engagement

A total of five awards are presented: One for civic engagement, one to an adjunct faculty, and three to full-time faculty. Anyone can nominate (*no self-nominations). CETL Board members are not eligible to receive an award. A survey is sent out to all SPC faculty asking for their nominations. Survey results are reviewed and awardees are chosen by the CETL Board of Directors. The following criteria are considered in the review process:

  • Involved/active in college committees and initiatives
  • Committed to student success through involvement in student organizations and out of class support
  • Demonstrates exceptional teaching through promotion of student engagement
  • Exhibits academic leadership
  • Mentor to other faculty
  • Significant contribution to the academia/profession/discipline
  • Significant contribution of SPC
  • Community/civics involvement in terms of networking/bridging with SPC

Awardees must be approved by their respective Dean and senior leadership. Each award is $500 and may be used toward the faculty member’s professional development.

The nomination deadline for 2019 awards closed on June 14th at 11pm.

Steps to redeem a 2016 Distinguished Faculty Award:

  1. Please contact Alex Simpkins at simpkins.alex@spcollege.edu or (727) 791-2750 to discuss how you would like to use your professional development award of $500.
  2. Please remember that your award is for a maximum of $500. If you exceed this amount, you will be responsible for covering additional costs.
  3. Funds expire on June 30, 2018.

2017 Winners

  1. Kim Molinaro, Social Sciences
  2. Lynn Grinnell, College of Business
  3. Marilyn Michael, Humanities and Fine Arts
  4. Melanie Paden, Communications
  5. Sue Blanchard, College of Education

2016 Winners

  1. Dan Schroeder, Natural Sciences
  2. Deborah Eldridge, Paralegal Studies
  3. Ourania Stephanides, Mathematics
  4. Tara Newsom, Social & Behavioral Sciences
  5. Vernon Taranto, Fine Arts

2015 Winners

  1. Mark Billiris, Mathematics
  2. Sheree Greer, Communications
  3. Greg Byrd, Communications
  4. David Manson, Fine Arts
  5. Ginny Price, Veterinary Technology

2014 Winners

  1. Dan Craddock, Respiratory Care
  2. Amy Krueger, College of Heath Sciences
  3. Nicholas Manias, Ethics
  4. Chrissy Risberg, College of Computer and Information Technology
  5. Jeff Donovick, Humanities and Fine Arts
  6. Nancy Watkins, College of Education