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🏆 Awards and Grants

The Distinguished Faculty Award began in 2014 as an annual award presented for excellence in one or more of the following areas:
  • Enthusiasm for SPC’s mission, culture and values
  • Innovative and effective use of student success strategies
  • Demonstration of best practices in student engagement
A total of five awards are presented: One for civic engagement, one to an adjunct faculty, and three to full-time faculty. Anyone can nominate (*no self-nominations). CETL Board members are not eligible to receive an award. A survey is sent out to all SPC faculty asking for their nominations. Survey results are reviewed and awardees are chosen by the CETL Board of Directors. The following criteria are considered in the review process:
  • Involved/active in college committees and initiatives
  • Committed to student success through involvement in student organizations and out of class support
  • Demonstrates exceptional teaching through promotion of student engagement
  • Exhibits academic leadership
  • Mentor to other faculty
  • Significant contribution to the academia/profession/discipline
  • Significant contribution of SPC
  • Community/civics involvement in terms of networking/bridging with SPC
Awardees must be approved by their respective Dean and senior leadership. Each award is $500 and may be used toward the faculty member’s professional development.   The nomination deadline for 2019 awards closed on June 14th at 11pm.


Steps to redeem a 2016 Distinguished Faculty Award:

  1. Please contact Alex Simpkins at simpkins.alex@spcollege.edu or (727) 791-2750 to discuss how you would like to use your professional development award of $500.
  2. Please remember that your award is for a maximum of $500. If you exceed this amount, you will be responsible for covering additional costs.
  3. Funds expire on June 30, 2018.


2018 Winners
  1. Amy Krueger, Dental Hygiene
  2. Shelbey Rosengarten, Communications
  3. Wendy Shellhorn, Health Sciences
  4. Ian Banks, Paralegal Studies
  5. Suzanne Preston, Social & Behavioral Sciences

2017 Winners
  1. Kim Molinaro, Social Sciences
  2. Lynn Grinnell, College of Business
  3. Marilyn Michael, Humanities and Fine Arts
  4. Melanie Paden, Communications
  5. Sue Blanchard, College of Education

2016 Winners
  1. Dan Schroeder, Natural Sciences
  2. Deborah Eldridge, Paralegal Studies
  3. Ourania Stephanides, Mathematics
  4. Tara Newsom, Social & Behavioral Sciences
  5. Vernon Taranto, Fine Arts

2015 Winners
  1. Mark Billiris, Mathematics
  2. Sheree Greer, Communications
  3. Greg Byrd, Communications
  4. David Manson, Fine Arts
  5. Ginny Price, Veterinary Technology

2014 Winners
  1. Dan Craddock, Respiratory Care
  2. Amy Krueger, College of Heath Sciences
  3. Nicholas Manias, Ethics
  4. Chrissy Risberg, College of Computer and Information Technology
  5. Jeff Donovick, Humanities and Fine Arts
  6. Nancy Watkins, College of Education
CETL Grants are on hold until further notice. The prior grant recipients are celebrated below. Trust us, when grant money is back, we will let you know!


CETL Mini Grant Recipients:

2016-2017 Grant Recipients
  1. David Manson, Fine Arts, PALO! - Latin Music Workshop at SPC
  2. Lara Sharp, Engineering Technology, Student Research: 3D Printing Drones
  3. Kyle Pierson*, Communications, Florida Poetry on the National Habitat Trail
  4. Michael Davis, Natural Science, Sunrise and Sunset: A Year of Solar Observation
  5. Anne Ryan, College of Ed, The Shape of Things to Come - Digital Technology Supporting Young Children's Development
  6. Sue Blanchard, College of Ed, Mary McLeod Bethune: Educator Extraordinaire
  2015-2016 Grant Recipients
  1. George Kish, Engaging Students in Evaluating Nutrients in Natural Habitat Park Ponds
  2. Julia Rawa, THE INTERDISCIPLINARY EXPERIENCE: A Consortium for Integrative Studies to Inspire Academic Excellence & Student Success
  3. Eric Tucker, Does the PHI 1600 Ethics Class Improve Industry Standard Scores using the Stanton Survey?
  4. Kathleen Lane, Unnatural Causes - Is Inequality Making Us Sick?
  5. Ray Menard, Investigation of Biofilm Formation
  6. Anne Ryan, Do You See What I See - Digital Technology in the Early Childhood Classroom
  2014-2015 Grant Recipients
  1. Meg Delgato, Tarpon Spring, Let Go My Legos
  2. Kim Molinaro, Clearwater, Group Facilitation Training for Psychology Interns
  3. Chris Nichol, Seminole, Destination Tampa Bay – Experiential Learning in Marine Science
  4. Michelle Osovitz, Clearwater, Taking the initiative: Support for the first annual Student Led Science Colloquium (SLSC)
  2013-2014 Grant Recipients
  1. Shirley Oakley, Revitalization of the Mass Communication and Media Internship Program, Clearwater
  2. Antonia Lewandowski, Personal Style Sheet: An Individual Editing Tool, Seminole
  3. Tara Newsome, City Builders, Downtown
  4. Ray Menard, We've Identified the Bacteria, but what antibiotic does it Produce?, SP-Gibbs
  5. Trey Moore, War, Art, and Culture: A Veteran's Perspective, Clearwater
  6. Judith Macdonald, SPC - ELL Self - Paced Collection of English Language Lessons (Part III), Clearwater
  7. Chris Nichol, Tampa Bay in our Classroom, Seminole
  2012 - 2013 Grant Recipients
  1. Meg Delgato, Now Discover Your Strengths Book, Tarpon Springs
  2. William Fleming, Continuing the Legacy of D. Johnnie Ruth Clarke, Humanitarian/Educator, St. Pete Gibbs
  3. Karen Johnson, Convergence to Interdisciplinary Literacy, Clearwater
  4. Sunita Kumari, Developing a Syllabus, Tarpon Springs
  5. Roxana Levin, Spanish Online Repository, Tarpon Springs
  6. Judith MacDonald, SoftChalk, SPC - ELL: Self-Paced Collection of English Language Lessons
  2011 - 2012 Grant Recipients
  1. Paula Bagwell, Not-so-trivial pursuit: Incorporating games and active learning into library instructions, Learning Resources, TS
  2. Kathy Bryson, Basics of Journalism LibGuide in support of the Sandbox, Communications, SE/eCampus
  3. Sue Cornett, Course Modules to Teach, Practice and Assess Source Integration and Citation, Communications, TS
  4. Jennifer Fernandes, Student Research: Developing and Implementing Biological Projects, Natural Science, TS
  5. Eron Higgins, Enhancing Student Experience and Equity Through Laboratory Development, Natural Science, DT
  6. Bonnie Jefferis and Susan Demers, We Are What We Eat, But What Are We Eating?: An all-discipline presentation about the food on your plate, Communications and Paralegal Studies, CL
  7. Monica Lara, Independent Research in the Marine Sciences at SPC as a vehicle for critical thinking and student success, Natural Science, CL
  8. Antonia Lewandowski, Script Cards: A Critical Thinking Technique for Adults Managing Learning Transitions, Communications, SE
  9. Thomas Loveland, What’s Your Vector, Victor? College of Education, CL
  10. Anne Ney, Increasing Science Literacy Through Pedagogy-Based Lab Activities, Natural Science, SP-Gibbs
  11. Christopher Martinez, Creation of Learning Object for Online SPC Students, Humanities, TS
  12. Chris Nichol, Sanitary Snorkeling, Natural Science, SE
  13. Michelle Osovitz and Linda Gingerich, Assessment and Implementation of Effective Strategies to Enhance Problem-Solving, Critical Thinking, Analytical Practice and Communication Competency in Biological Science Graduates, Baccalaureate Programs and University Partnerships, CL
  14. Erin Senack-Daum, Wellness Techniques for Faculty and Students’ Success, Student Life & Leadership, TS
  15. Carmen Simpson, Developmental Writing Portfolio Assessment, Communications, CL
  16. Ourania Stephanides, Manipulating the Concrete to understand the Abstract, Using Algebra Tiles in the Classroom, Mathematics, TS
  17. Eric Tucker, Contributions of the Honors College for At-risk Student Success: Realities and Opportunities, Ethics, SP
  18. Robin Wilbur, Webinars for the Online Adjunct, College of Business, EPI
  2010 - 2011 Grant Recipients
  1. Frank Appunn, Bridging the Gap: Increasing the Rigor across Multiple Courses to Increase Student Learning, College of Business, EpiCenter
  2. Pat Barbier and Anne Keyes, Library Research Module: Assessment and Development, Library and SLS, Clearwater
  3. Robert Bossard, Self-Guiding Nature Trail and Environmental Kiosk in Tarpon Springs Campus Natural Area, Natural Science, Tarpon Springs
  4. Kathy Bryson, the Beach: Basic Errors and Common Hurdles, Online Interactive Writing Tutorials, Communications/LSC8, St. Petersburg/Gibbs
  5. Sandy Cohen, Faculty Seminar Series: by Faculty, for Faculty, Mathematics, Tarpon Springs
  6. Sandy Cohen, Mentoring Program: The Mindset, the Magic, and the Merits, Mathematics, Tarpon Springs
  7. Susan Cornett and Matthew Bodie, Critical Evaluation of Internet and Databases as Sources, Communications, Tarpon Springs
  8. Maria Escott and Judy MacDonald, Increasing Self-Efficacy and Reading Comprehension among ESL Students, Corporate Training, Epi and Communications, CL
  9. Jeri-Lyn Jacobs, P.A.S.S.: Preparation for the Advancement of Student Success, Communications, SPC Downtown
  10. Jamie Krolick, The New Hire Checklist, Fine and Applied Arts, St. Petersburg/Gibbs
  11. Ray Menard, Biological Science Student Research, Natural Science, St. Petersburg/Gibbs
  12. Don Modesto, Word Up! Simple MS Word Features Free You From Tedium, Communications, Clearwater
  13. Anja Norman, SLS 1101: The College Experience Assessment Pilot, Social Science, Clearwater
  14. Shelbey Rosengarten, ENC Course of Record and RLO Reorganization, Communications, Seminole
  15. Kirsten Tersteegen, Pat Smith and Paula Ralph, Up and Running, Communications, and Mathematics, Seminole
  16. Eric Tucker, Manual for New Adjunct Faculty Coaching, Ethics, St. Petersburg/Gibbs
* Adjunct Faculty    


CETL Instructional Materials Grant Recipients:

2016-2017 Grant Recipient
  1. Philip Gravinese*, Natural Science, Film cameras & Go Pro for ocean themed film project
  2. Kimberly Jackson, Social Science, 4-Live Scribe Smart Pens
  3. Beth Goodbread & Ourania Stephanides, Math, Manipulatives, math games, and math models
  4. Aric Brian*, Humanities, Trumpet Mouthpiece Educator Kit by Pickett Brass
  5. Cindy Kuropas, Communications, Professional HD digital cameras with Wi-Fi access, lenses, and cases
  6. Michelle Osovitz, Natural Science, 24 Microscope Telescope Universal Interface Bracket Holder Adapter Mount
  7. Richard Musgrave, Natural Science, Wacom Cintiq 13 HD (DTK1300) Interactive Pen Display
  8. Cindy Carmody, Accessibility Services, TOPS FocusedNotes Notebook
  9. Jonathan Barnes, Fine Arts, 12.9" iPad Pro 128 GB Wi-Fi Tablet
  10. Brad Yourth, CCIT, Five pi-topCEED units and five pi-topPROTO boards
  2015-2016 Grant Recipient
  1. Bethany Souza, 10 licenses for Capture One Pro 8
  2. David Allen, Online Whiteboard
  3. Anita Naravane, Disarticulated skeleton
  4. Melanie Paden, Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone
  5. Chrissy Risberg, Articulate Storyline 2
  6. Anthony Appleton, Molecular Visions Molecular Model Kit # 1 by Darling Models
  7. Gail Gallagher, Pyscho-Geometrics assessments for adults, laminated Shapes indicator cards
  8. Sharon Gilberg, Portable marine water analysis kit, density water tank set
  9. Brian Bell, Vacuum pump
  2014-2015 Grant Recipient
  1. Jack Gartner, Gibbs, National Optical Moticam X Wi-Fi-Enabled Microscope Camera Mophie 4000 mAh Juice Pack PowerStation for iPhone, iPod, & iPad
  2. Linae Boehme, Clearwater, Lifebox waterproof cases for IPad Mini & Proscope mobile microscopes
  3. Teresa Gaskill, Gibbs, National Optical Moticam X Wi-Fi-Enabled Microscope Camera, 4000 mAh Juice Pack PowerStation, and Portable Stadiometer Height-Rod
  4. Anthony Valentine, Downtown, iPad for student speech preparation
  5. Antonio Paris, Tarpon Springs, Celestron Skymaps, Laser Pointer, & Telescope
  2013-2014 Grant Recipients
  1. Kathy Siegler, Clearwater, Moticom X Digital Wireless Microscope
  2. AnnMarie Eligon, Gibbs, Demonstration Kits and Sensors, Material Cart
  3. Diane Robinson, Health Education Center, SimPad e-Learning Packages
  4. Sharon Olsen, Anatomical Model of Neuron and Normal Brain
  5. Colin Everhart, Moticom X Digital Wireless Microscope, Apple TV
  2012 - 2013 Grant Recipients
  1. Ragan Brown, Seminole, Adobe Photoshop, CreativeSuite 6
  2. Colin Everhart, Seminole, Apple iPad Apps for Natural Science
  3. Erin Goergen, Clearwater, DNA, replication and transcription kits; a photosynthesis apparatus; and kits to perform/simulate biotechnology concepts
  4. Eron Higgins, Gibbs, Commercial grade surveyor's auto leveler
  5. James Klinedinst, Seminole, Mathematica 9 Standard
  6. Michelle Osovitz, Clearwater, Video training module for lab safety
  7. Anthony Valentine, Downtown, Greatest Speeches of the 20th Century: Voices in Time DVD series
* Adjunct Faculty    


CETL Travel Grant Recipients:

2016 - 2017 Grant Recipient
  1. Christina Alexander*, Humanities, Student Veterans of America 9th National Conference "Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders"
  2. Sara Brzezinski, Social Science, CIEE International Faculty Development Seminar – Contemporary Cuban Transformations: Social Inequalities and Social Policy
  3. Jennifer Fernandes, Natural Science, COIL - Collaborative Online International Learning
  4. Valentina Tsoneva*, Communications, 28th International Teachers' Conference
  5. Elizabeth Indianos*, Fine Arts, McKee Genre Seminar NYC
  6. Brian Bell, Biomedical Technology, FBS (Florida Biomedical Society) Conference
  7. Darice Moore*, Communications, The South Atlantic Modern Language Association SAMLA 88 Conference
  8. Sheree Greer, Communications, Associated Writing Programs Conference
  9. Linda Pointer*, Social Science, Annual Meeting of the Historical Keyboard Society of North America
  10. Melissa Romigh*, Communications, South Central Modern Language Association 2016 Conference
  11. Bethany Souza*, Fine Arts, 2017 SPE (Society for Photographic Education) National Conference
  12. Katherine Woods, Dental Hygiene, Special Care Dentistry Association Annual Conference
  2015 - 2016 Grant Recipient
  1. Roger Watts, AACU Global Learning in College Defining, Developing and Assessing Institutional Roadmaps, Oct 7-10, 2015
  2. Melissa McAllister, TESOL 2016 - Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages International Conference, April 5-9, 2016
  3. Vickie Stevens, NAFSA (National Association of International Education) 2016 Annual Conference & Expo "Building Capacity for Global Learning", May 29-June 3, 2016
  4. Sue Blanchard, Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy, Feb 8-13, 2016 - Virginia Tech
  5. Shelbey Rosengarten, Instructional Technology Council E-Learning 2016, Feb 14-17, 2016
  6. Meg Delgato, National Conference in Nashville, Science: Empowering Performance, Mar 30-April 3, 2016
  7. Christian Moriarty, International Center for Academic Integrity Annual Conference, New Mexico, Feb 17-21, 2016
  8. Laurie Tenzer, OLC Innovate (Co-sponsored by MERLOT & OLC), April 19-22, 2016
  2014 - 2015 Grant Recipient
  1. Daniel Bueller, Gibbs, American Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges (AMATYC) Annual Conference - Nashville, TN
  2. Kristie Dowling, Downtown, 2015 CCCC Convention (Conference on College Composition) - Tampa, FL
  3. Dawn Joyce, Clearwater, Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching - Newport Beach, CA
  4. Greta Kishbaugh, Seminole, For NACCE (the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship) Entrepreneurship - Phoenix, AZ
  5. Christian Moriarty, Gibbs, International Center for Academic Integrity Annual Conference - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  6. Diane Robinson, Health Education Center, Concept Based Learning Institute Conference - Orlando, FL
  7. Virginia Schneider, Health Education Center, ATI National Nurse Educator Conference - San Diego, CA
  8. Li-Lee Tunceren, Seminole, eLearning ITC Conference - Las Vegas, NV
  9. Angie Zombek, Clearwater, Citizenship in the Era of the Civil War (Sponsored by the Virginia Center for Civil War Studies) - Blacksburg, VA
  2013 - 2014 Grant Recipient
  1. Christine Patel, Health Education Center, The 7th International Conference on Interprofessional Practice and Education, Pittsburgh PA
  2. Li-Lee Tunceren, Clearwater, 19th Annual SLOAN Consortium International Conference on Online Learning, Orlando FL
  3. Louisana Louis, Annual International Symposium for Emerging Technologies for Online Learning, Dallas TX
  4. Jennifer Rector, Health Education Center, 19th Annual SLOAN Consortium International Conference on Online Learning, Orlando FL
  5. Kevin Morgan, Seminole, Hawaii International Conference of the Arts and Humanities, Honolulu, HI
  6. Sue Blanchard, Tarpon Springs, Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy at Virginia Tech, Virginia
  7. Lakshminara Rajaram, XIII Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing, Seville, Spain
  8. Amy Sauers, EpiCenter, NACCE National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship
  2012 – 2013 Grant Recipients
  1. Antoinette Caraway, African Association of Blacks in Higher Ed, Atlanta, GA
  2. Albert Farr, American Association of Community Colleges, San Fransisco, CA
  3. Tricia Gorham, Instructional Technology Council eLearning Conference, San Antonio, TX
  4. Jennifer Haber, Sloan Consortium Blended Learning Conference, Milwaukee, WI
  5. Karen Hesting**, Sloan Consortium Blended Learning Conference, Milwaukee, WI
  6. Andrea Kelly, African Association of Blacks in Higher Ed, Atlanta, GA
  7. Antonia Lewandowski** Eckerd College
  8. Janet Modrakovic ** Association of Veterinary Technician Educators (AVTE) Biennial, Denver, CO
  9. Sheila Newberry, NISOD Conference, Austin, TX
  10. Shirley Oakley, 2nd Annual National Conference of Rhetoric & the First International Congress of Rhetoric and Interdisciplinary at the Universidad Nacional De Cuyo, Argentina
  11. Laura Rankin** Association of Veterinary Technician Educators (AVTE) Biennial, Denver, CO
  12. Marika Robinson, Sign Language Interpreting Program, Charlotte, NC
  13. Steven Sinclair, World Congress of Religions Conference, Washington, DC
  14. Vickie Stevens, 2012 International Academic Symposia, Hamilton, New Zealand
  15. James Welch ** AACSB, Teaching Effectiveness Seminar, Tampa, FL
  16. Darlene Westberg, SACS Annual Meeting, Dallas, TX
  17. Latrica Williams, Hawaii University International Conference, Honolulu, HI
  18. Nicolle Panuthos, National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship Conference
  2011 – 2012 Grant Recipients
  1. Cher Gauweiler, International Conference on College Teaching and Learning, Jacksonville, FL, College of Education, TS
  2. Tim Godcharles**, League of Innovations 2012, Philadelphia, PA, Instructional Design Technologist, HEC/AS
  3. Shirley Johnson**, SLOAN-C International Conference on Online Learning, Orlando, FL, College of Public Safety Administration, AS
  4. Roxana Levin, 2011 American Council on Teaching of Foreign Languages Annual Conference, Denver, CO, Communications/Foreign Languages, TS
  5. David Liebert, International Faculty Exchange Program, University of Ulster, Ireland, Social Science, TS
  6. Mark Lulek**, League of Innovations 2012, Philadelphia, PA, Humanities, TS
  7. David Manson, Brazilian Music Institute, Gainesville, FL
  8. Rich Mercadante, Third Annual International Journal of Arts and Science Conference, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, Communications/Speech, CL
  9. Julia Rawa**, Digital Humanities, Oxford University
  10. Shelbey Rosengarten**, International Conference on College Teaching and Learning, Jacksonville, FL, Communications, SE
  11. Julie Vogel**, INTECOL International Wetlands Conference, Orlando, FL
  12. Sharon Williams**, International Conference on College Teaching and Learning, Jacksonville, FL, Communications, DT
  13. Nadia Yevstigneyeva, Council on Undergraduate Research Dialogues 2012, Washington, D.C., Honors College, CL
  2010 – 2011 Grant Recipients
  1. Kimberly Felos, MERLOT/SLOAN Conference, Fine and Applied Arts, Tarpon Springs
  2. Daiva Kennedy, International Conference on College Teaching and Learning, Math, St. Petersburg/Gibbs
  3. Nancy Munce, Academic Impressions: Best Practices in Blended Course Design, IDT, SP/Gibbs
  4. Sheryl Peterson, Academic Impressions: Best Practices in Blended Course Design, Psychology, Seminole
  5. Anne Ryan, National Institute for Early Childhood Professional Development, Early Childhood, St. Petersburg/Gibbs
  6. Amy Sauers, Collegiate DECA International Career Development Conference, College of Business, EpiCenter
  7. Cora Wilkerson, Creating Effective Homework Sets with WebWork – Building the National Problem Library, Math, St. Petersburg/Gibbs
* Adjunct Faculty **Registration fees only     Critical Thinking Grants Recipients: 2012 – 2013 Grant Recipients
  • Lynn Grinnell, Immersive Experiential Learning in Sustainability Lab
  2011 – 2012 Grant Recipients   Four critical thinking projects are being funded through CETL's Critical Thinking Grants. Announcements about this opportunity went out to faculty in January, and the deadline to submit was mid-March. Not all applications were funded, but the CETL Critical Thinking Grants Selection Committee worked hard to select those with the greatest potential to improve our students' critical thinking. "Working in partnership with CETL to provide this opportunity demonstrates SPC's commitment to critical thinking," said Janice Thiel, Director of SPC's critical thinking initiative. Congratulations to the following faculty and staff:  
  1. Joseph L. Smith, Critical Thinking Research Project - St. Petersburg College Southeastern Public Safety Institute (SEPSI) Law Enforcement Abstract: This project is the presentation (verbally and written) of a culmination of research utilizing the problem solving framework Scanning, Analysis, Response, and Assessment (SARA) or the Safety, Ethics, Community, Understanding, Response, and Evaluation (SECURE) problem solving model. The projects emphasize methods using either of these models to incorporate critical thinking skills to control or prevent crime. The outcome of the research and presentations gives the law enforcement recruits, at the end of their training, a practical understanding of incorporating critical thinking into a problem solving model to solve law enforcement issues.
  2. Julia Rawa-White and Nadia Yevstigneyeva, Twenty-First Century Digital Interdisciplinarity (META Project) Abstract: Digital Interdisciplinarity (IDSDHC - IDS Digital Humanities Commons) shall fund two (2) related missions to advance QEP and CETL goals. IDSDHC shall consider strategies from Huber & Hutchings’s Integrative Learning (2004) and Smith & McCann’s Reinventing Ourselves: Interdisciplinary Education, Collaborative Learning, and Experimentation in Higher Education (2000) to create a DIGITAL IDS COMMONS for faculty and students. IDSDHC shall also deliver student action research and publication symposia at multiple campuses. These shall enhance student engagement, the student experience, and academic excellence. Digital Interdisciplinarity shall be applicable to multiple disciplines, shall incorporate assessment, and shall be sustained beyond the grant period. IDSDHC shall create campus and collegiate learning communities focused on the study-implementation of interdisciplinary (IDS) strategies in the classroom, on the page, and online.
  3. Patricia Smith, Sheree Greer, and Lynn Carpenter, What was I Thinking? Abstract: “What Was I Thinking” is a workshop that addresses the importance of goal-setting and helps students identify, challenge, and re-imagine the behaviors, attitudes, and activities essential to not only becoming better students, but upholding the indispensable element of student success: finishing what is started. The workshop promotes critical thinking as a concept but also as a skill-set that includes research, information evaluation, and life-planning. “What Was I Thinking” assists students with implementing critical thinking skills and practically applying them to their goals throughout their collegiate and professional careers.
  4. Jennifer Haber, Writing a Research Paper in Six Modules Abstract: This project would contain six modules to be included in any class where a research paper is required. The modules would include finding a topic, understanding the library and finding credible sources, understanding MLA and APA format, writing an outline, completing a draft and getting feedback, and writing a final paper.
The League is an international organization dedicated to catalyzing the community college movement. It hosts conferences and institutes, develops web resources, conducts research, produces publications and services, and leads projects and initiatives with member colleges, corporate partners and other agencies in a continuing effort to make a positive difference for students and communities. Every year, community college innovators in teaching and learning are recognized for their efforts at the League for Innovations conference by receiving John & Suanne Roueche Excellence Awards. A survey is sent out to all SPC faculty and staff asking for nominations in each of the categories (self-nominations are permitted). A committee of two Deans, one Academic Chair, one Program Director and three faculty members representing CETL screen the nominations and submit their recommendations to senior leadership. One faculty member for each category is selected.


Official website: www.league.org



2017 Award Winners:

    Kimberly Jackson, Social Sciences Academic Chair - Outstanding Student Engagement (on-campus or blended) David Monroe, Ethics Academic Chair - Outstanding Student Engagement (on-campus or blended) Anne Ryan, College of Education Lead Instructor - Innovation in the Use of Technology Laura Malave, College of Computer & Information Technology Academic Chair - Innovation in the Use of Technology Chad Mairn, Seminole Campus Librarian - Innovation in the Use of Technology Patrick Booth, Director of Online Student Services – Excellence in Student Services
  2016 Award Winners:
    Wende Huehn-Brown, College of Business - Innovation in the Use of Technology Nathan Muehl, Fine & Applied Arts - Innovative Pedagogical Approaches to Teaching & Learning Jennifer Fernandes, Natural Science - Outstanding Student Engagement (F2F or Blended) Christy Powers, Legal Studies - Excellence in Student Coaching & Support Roxana Levin, Communications - Outstanding Student Engagement (Online) Rosaria Pipitone, Career Services – Innovation in Career Services
  2015 Award Winners:
    Michael Gordon, College of Computer and Information Technology- Outstanding Student Engagement (On-Campus or Blended) Cynthia Grey, Veterinary Technology- Outstanding Student Engagement (Online) Wendy Rib, Veterinary Technology- Outstanding Student Engagement (Online) Ray Menard, Natural Science- Excellence in Student Coaching and Support Therezita Ortiz, College of Computer and Information Technology- Innovation in the Use of Technology Anthony Valentine, Communications- Innovative Pedagogical Approaches to Teaching and Learning James Wallis, Natural Science- Innovation in the Use of Technology
  2014 Award Winners:
    Marie Biggs, College of Education- Excellence in Student Coaching and Support Floyd Butz, College of Health Sciences- Outstanding Student Engagement Sandy Campbell, College of Nursing- Outstanding Student Engagement Debra Doresett, Lead Student Support Advisor- Excellence in Academic Advising Christine Patel, Dental Hygiene Program- Innovation Pedagogical Approaches to Teaching and Learning Latricia Williams, Mathematics- Innovation in the Use of Technology
  2013 Award Winners:
    Sandy Cohen, Mathematics- Outstanding Peer Mentoring Cher Gauweiler, College of Education- Innovative Approach to Teaching and Learning Richard Musgrave, Natural Science- Innovation in the Use of Technology Carmen Simpson, Communications- Excellence in College Preparatory Education Mary Ellen Warren, Communications- Outstanding Student Mentoring
  2012 Award Winners:
    Cathy Crumbs, College of Nursing- Outstanding Student Mentoring Patricia Smith, Communications- Excellence in College Preparatory Education Li-Lee Tunceren, CETL- Outstanding Peer Mentoring Robin Wilber, College of Business- Innovative Approach to Teaching and Learning Brad Yourth, College of Computer and Information Technology- Innovation in the Use of Technology

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