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CETL Grant Winners 2016 – 2017

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CETL Grants are designed to support faculty in their classroom, online, and with projects that focus on teaching, learning, and assessment, as well as faculty engagement in innovative teaching and effective assessment of student learning. CETL is proud to announce the winners for the 2016-2017 Mini Grants, Instructional Materials Grant, and Travel Grants.
$500 Mini Grant

  1. David Manson, Fine Arts, PALO! – Latin Music Workshop at SPC
  2. Lara Sharp, Engineering Technology, Student Research: 3D Printing Drones
  3. Kyle Pierson, Communications, Florida Poetry on the National Habitat Trail
  4. Michael Davis, Natural Science, Sunrise and Sunset: A Year of Solar Observation
  5. Anne Ryan, College of Ed, The Shape of Things to Come – Digital Technology Supporting Young Children’s Development
  6. Sue Blanchard, College of Ed, Mary McLeod Bethune: Educator Extraordinaire

$750 Instructional Material Grant

  1. Philip Gravinese, Natural Science, Film cameras & Go Pro for ocean themed film project
  2. Kimberly Jackson, Social Science, 4-Live Scribe Smart Pens
  3. Beth Goodbread & Ourania Stephanides, Math, Manipulatives, math games, and math models
  4. Aric Brian, Humanities, Trumpet Mouthpiece Educator Kit by Pickett Brass
  5. Cindy Kuropas, Communications, Professional HD digital cameras with Wi-Fi access, lenses, and cases
  6. Michelle Osovitz, Natural Science, 24 Microscope Telescope Universal Interface Bracket Holder Adapter Mount
  7. Richard Musgrave, Natural Science, Wacom Cintiq 13 HD (DTK1300) Interactive Pen Display
  8. Cindy Carmody, Accessibility Services, TOPS FocusedNotes Notebook
  9. Jonathan Barnes, Fine Arts, 12.9″ iPad Pro 128 GB Wi-Fi Tablet
  10. Brad Yourth, CCIT, Five pi-topCEED units and five pi-topPROTO boards

$1500 Travel Grant

  1. Christina Alexander, Humanities, Student Veterans of America 9th National Conference “Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders”
  2. Sara Brzezinski, Social Science, CIEE International Faculty Development Seminar – Contemporary Cuban Transformations: Social Inequalities and Social Policy
  3. Jennifer Fernandes, Natural Science, COIL – Collaborative Online International Learning
  4. Valentina Tsoneva, Communications, 28th International Teachers’ Conference
  5. Elizabeth Indianos, Fine Arts, McKee Genre Seminar NYC
  6. Brian Bell, Biomedical Technology, FBS (Florida Biomedical Society) Conference
  7. Darice Moore, Communications, The South Atlantic Modern Language Association SAMLA 88 Conference
  8. Sheree Greer, Communications, Associated Writing Programs Conference
  9. Linda Pointer, Social Science, Annual Meeting of the Historical Keyboard Society of North America
  10. Melissa Romigh, Communications, South Central Modern Language Association 2016 Conference
  11. Bethany Souza, Fine Arts, 2017 SPE (Society for Photographic Education) National Conference
  12. Katherine Woods, Dental Hygiene, Special Care Dentistry Association Annual Conference

Even though the CETL Grants for this academic year have concluded, a variety of funding opportunities remain for faculty. There are some wonderful opportunities out there for innovative ideas and expanded professional development. Interested faculty members are encouraged to explore funding possibilities through the SPC Foundation Grants in addition to external grant opportunities with the support of our SPC Grants Department.

Thank you to all that applied and congratulations to our 2016/2017 CETL Grant recipients.

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