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SPC Teaching and Learning Conference Schedule Now Available!

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Your OLS and CETL teams are cohosting the second annual SPC Teaching and Learning Conference – Inspiring Excellence!

This innovative learning event will be held on Friday, March 24th from 8:30am to 4:00pm at EPI Center.

The day will be filled with presentations addressing all areas of teaching and learning at SPC!

A light breakfast and lunch will be provided.  Nationally recognized teaching and learning resource, Jose Bowen will be our keynote speaker during lunch.

Reserve your seat today!   Please complete the Conference Registration Survey by March 3rd.

Topics of interest include:

  • Time Management (streamline grading techniques, time saves in the LMS, crafting a syllabus for success)
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Metacognition
  • Strategies for Student Engagement (feedback, instructor2student communication, active learning)
  • Authentic Assessments (group work, critical thinking, student ePortfolios)
  • Face2Face Teaching and Learning Strategies (alternative course resources, LMS to compliment F2F engagement, collaborative topics and innovative pedagogy)
  • Beyond the Faculty: SPC Resources to Support Student Success (Student Support Services, Mental Health Resources, Career and Academic Support, International Opportunities)
  • And more!

If you have any questions or need any additional information, please feel free to contact Heather Roberson (CETL) or Michelle Piper (OLS) any time.
List of presenters:

BASDH and BSN Interprofessional MyCourses Collaboration – Christine Patel
Blended Learning: New Realities in Engaging Students – Audrey Ellison
Balancing Your Professional and Personal Life: 4th Generation Time Management – Nathan Muehl
Re-ignite the Desire for Learning: Student Agency Approach – Latrica Williams
The Text-Neutral Course – Nathan Muehl
Exploring Media Bias: What’s true and what’s fake in the News and on Social media? – Linda Reifler-Alessi
Cultivating Self-Esteem in the Classroom and Beyond – Dawn Janusz
Developing Your Students’ Core Competencies with Faculty Created Learning Toolkits – George Lloyd
Open Education Resources for student success – Gary Abernethy
Gifted and Learning Challenged (at the same time): The Classroom Enigma of the Twice-Exceptional Learner – Saunya Talley
Peer Review of Writing in Science Labs – Kristin Simunac
Study Abroad & Quality Service Learning in Wild Places – Jim Wallis
Get rid of the box! How to use metacognitive strategies in and out of the classroom – Anna Tingley
Roll Up Your Sleeves: Service Learning Applied – Tara Newsom
A Novel Approach to teaching the novel in Developmental Reading – Penelope Craig
Positive Psychology in the Multi-Dimensional Classroom – Jean Coleman
Sustainable Aquaponics: A Muiti-disciplinary Tool For Education, Food, And Research – William Falls
Your Brain on Learning – Rachel Bennett
Embrace and Expand Your Expertise: Submitting and Publishing Your Work – Sheree Greer
Finding the time to save time with Faculty Tools – Jamie Ferrazano
Tired of telling students to put away their phones? Use them to stimulate collaborative learning – Colin Everhart
The Fluid Classroom – Anthony Appleton
Gaming to Create Future Ready Student – Nancy Watkins
Using Agile Methodologies with staff or in the classroom – James Connolly
Contextualization In General Education Courses: Panel Discussion – Carol Weideman
Student Access to Global Engagement (SAGE): Strategies for classroom, campus and beyond – Ramona Kirsch
Confessions of Feedback Junkies – Jennifer Haber
Leveling the Playing Field by Accommodating All Students – Bruce McClintock
Case Management Advising Model at SPC – Kellie Ziemak
Create Instructional, and Collaborative Interactive Presentations, Integrating Google Slides and D2L – Larry Ducey
Retention, Completion, Compliance, Oh My! – Aimee Stubbs
Creating accessible course content – Anastasia Charalambakos
A Few Good Words About Writing Assignments – Shelbey Rosengarten
Using Forensics to Teach Science – Nikki Jorgensen-Zidar

We look forward to this exciting teaching and learning event!

The SPC Teaching and Learning Conference Team

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