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T_Bledar Prifti Bledar Prifti Social Science North County SE TL 115 (727) 394-6273
T_Sunita Kumari Sunita Kumari Social Science South County and Online SE TL 110 (727) 394-6136
T_Kelli Stickrath Kelli Stickrath Natural Science North County TS LY 211 (727) 712-5835
T_Nancy Watkins Nancy Watkins College of Education South County SP TE 109D (727) 341-4719
T_Carleah East Carleah East Social Science Mental Health Awareness Lead SP SA 323 (727) 341-4662

CETL Faculty Associate Selection

The CETL Faculty Board of Directors (BOD) solicits and reviews applications from SPC faculty members with dean approval. The five CETL Faculty Associates report directly to the CETL Director and CETL BOD.

Length of Service and Compensation

Faculty Associates serve for a period of two academic years and receive 3 ECH (96 hours per semester = 6 hours a week over 16 weeks) at their supplemental pay rate for each semester served (fall and spring semesters). The CETL BOD will conduct a yearly review of associate activities and contributions.

CETL Faculty Associate Responsibilities

CETL Faculty Associates serve as the faculty point person and assist the Director in implementing CETL initiatives. This role supports the faculty professional development needs of each of SPC’s Career and Academic Communities. It is a unique way to be an innovator at SPC – bringing your knowledge and curiosity together to help others faculty grow. CETL Faculty Associates will be assigned to Career and Academic Communities as described below.

Responsibilities include the following:

  • Promote CETL events to support, recognize and reward faculty development
    • Organize and facilitate a minimum of 4 CETL events each year.
    • Partner with ITech team and Online Learning & Services, QEP/ Ready, Set, Succeed!, Learning Resources, Human Resources Professional Development, Institutional Research and Academic Effectiveness, Accessibility Resources, Academic Advising, and International Programs as they align with the needs of the Associate’s assigned CACs.
    • Act as liaison with FGO and administrative leadership, e.g. deans, academic chairs, provosts, attend appropriate meetings, and share CETL updates regularly.
    • Attend campus and/or discipline adjunct orientation and support meetings.
    • Attend college-wide CETL events, workshops, and forums.
  • Adjunct Advisory Board participation.
  • College-Wide Advisory Board participation.
  • Attend new faculty cohort meetings.
  • Attend adjunct faculty development events.
  • Contribute to any revisions/updates needed for the CETL year 1 faculty cohort course, new adjunct orientation course, CETL website, and/or blog.
  • Bi-weekly meeting with Associates and CETL Director.
  • Assist the CETL Director in coordinating with deans, academic chairs, program directors, and instructors in charge to determine the needs of the Associate’s assigned Career and Academic Communities.
  • Participate in Ready, Set, Succeed! committee meetings and support Ready, Set, Succeed! initiatives.
  • Work an average of 6 hours per week (for a total of 96 hours per semester) completing the above described activities.

Associates will not be responsible for:

  • Milestone tracking or data collection as part of the CACs.
  • Community events organized by the TRIAD or as part of the CAC Week(s).
  • Coordinating with advisors on events or training related to CACs (not excluded. from coordinating with advisors for other professional development purposes).
    For a complete description of all nine articles, please consult the CETL Bylaws of Committee PDF