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February Hot Topic: High Expectations & Student Accountability

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You spoke – We listened! Here are the quick-casts on the Hot Topics you wanted to hear more about with real-world answers to questions posed by faculty and the resources to implement them

High Expectations & Student Accountability – 83% of faculty said this was very important/most interested in this topic

Today’s question: (I need) help “getting more students engaged in their education!” – 10:54:11 12/17/2011

The Solution: As part of their March 2012 Learning Event, the WITS Instructional Design Technologists shared the cognitive processes associated with being a self-regulated learner and the learning strategies and technology to support those processes. During “Four Tools to Assist Students with Successfully Self-regulating their Learning,” the tools emphasized were ANGEL rubrics, Google Docs, ANGEL Actions and Posterous.

The WITS Faculty Focus for that month was Dr. Eric Carver, CETL Lead Faculty Associate and Health Information Management faculty. Dr. Carver shares tools he uses to support student self-regulation in his classroom.


Check out the WITS Learning Post for research, ideas, tutorials and a video archive of the event. http://www.spcollege.edu/wits/?page_id=2232

But wait, there’s more! Our faculty are our treasures of knowledge, so share please your ideas in the comment section below! How do you get students engaged in your classes?

As always, CETL is here to support faculty with their own development goals. To learn more how what CETL can do for you, click on the CETL Grants tab above.

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