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📖 CETL Instructional Materials Grant

CETL instructional material grants are intended to support faculty in their classroom, online, and with projects that focus on teaching, learning, and assessment. An important focus of the CETL mission is shared experiences and best practices; therefore, instructional materials grants that are funded require a presentation at a CETL-sponsored or approved venue. The maximum awarded for an instructional materials grant is $750.

The CETL grant applications for the 2016-2017 academic year concluded on Monday, September 19th 2016, and are currently on hold until further notice.

2016-2017 Grant Recipient

  1. Philip Gravinese*, Natural Science, Film cameras & Go Pro for ocean themed film project
  2. Kimberly Jackson, Social Science, 4-Live Scribe Smart Pens
  3. Beth Goodbread & Ourania Stephanides, Math, Manipulatives, math games, and math models
  4. Aric Brian*, Humanities, Trumpet Mouthpiece Educator Kit by Pickett Brass
  5. Cindy Kuropas, Communications, Professional HD digital cameras with Wi-Fi access, lenses, and cases
  6. Michelle Osovitz, Natural Science, 24 Microscope Telescope Universal Interface Bracket Holder Adapter Mount
  7. Richard Musgrave, Natural Science, Wacom Cintiq 13 HD (DTK1300) Interactive Pen Display
  8. Cindy Carmody, Accessibility Services, TOPS FocusedNotes Notebook
  9. Jonathan Barnes, Fine Arts, 12.9″ iPad Pro 128 GB Wi-Fi Tablet
  10. Brad Yourth, CCIT, Five pi-topCEED units and five pi-topPROTO boards

2015-2016 Grant Recipient

  1. Bethany Souza, 10 licenses for Capture One Pro 8
  2. David Allen, Online Whiteboard
  3. Anita Naravane, Disarticulated skeleton
  4. Melanie Paden, Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone
  5. Chrissy Risberg, Articulate Storyline 2
  6. Anthony Appleton, Molecular Visions Molecular Model Kit # 1 by Darling Models
  7. Gail Gallagher, Pyscho-Geometrics assessments for adults, laminated Shapes indicator cards
  8. Sharon Gilberg, Portable marine water analysis kit, density water tank set
  9. Brian Bell, Vacuum pump

2014-2015 Grant Recipient

  1. Jack Gartner, Gibbs, National Optical Moticam X Wi-Fi-Enabled Microscope Camera Mophie 4000 mAh Juice Pack PowerStation for iPhone, iPod, & iPad
  2. Linae Boehme, Clearwater, Lifebox waterproof cases for IPad Mini & Proscope mobile microscopes
  3. Teresa Gaskill, Gibbs, National Optical Moticam X Wi-Fi-Enabled Microscope Camera, 4000 mAh Juice Pack PowerStation, and Portable Stadiometer Height-Rod
  4. Anthony Valentine, Downtown, iPad for student speech preparation
  5. Antonio Paris, Tarpon Springs, Celestron Skymaps, Laser Pointer, & Telescope

2013-2014 Grant Recipients

  1. Kathy Siegler, Clearwater, Moticom X Digital Wireless Microscope
  2. AnnMarie Eligon, Gibbs, Demonstration Kits and Sensors, Material Cart
  3. Diane Robinson, Health Education Center, SimPad e-Learning Packages
  4. Sharon Olsen, Anatomical Model of Neuron and Normal Brain
  5. Colin Everhart, Moticom X Digital Wireless Microscope, Apple TV

2012 – 2013 Grant Recipients

  1. Ragan Brown, Seminole, Adobe Photoshop, CreativeSuite 6
  2. Colin Everhart, Seminole, Apple iPad Apps for Natural Science
  3. Erin Goergen, Clearwater, DNA, replication and transcription kits; a photosynthesis apparatus; and kits to perform/simulate biotechnology concepts
  4. Eron Higgins, Gibbs, Commercial grade surveyor’s auto leveler
  5. James Klinedinst, Seminole, Mathematica 9 Standard
  6. Michelle Osovitz, Clearwater, Video training module for lab safety
  7. Anthony Valentine, Downtown, Greatest Speeches of the 20th Century: Voices in Time DVD series

* Adjunct Faculty