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CETL History

In early 2010, a subcommittee chaired by Dr. Joseph Smiley and Earl Fratus, and consisting of over 30 faculty and administrative representatives, was created under the SPC Educational Oversight Group.

The members of this subcommittee established the CETL mission, goals, and proposed content as well as a relative time line for implementation and a proposed budget.

Numerous committee and subcommittee meetings were held during spring and summer, 2010, culminating in the official establishment of the Center of Excellence for Teaching and Learning (CETL) and its initial web presence in August, 2010. Election of the CETL Faculty Board of Directors took place in early September, along with the election of a three-member faculty Transition Team to develop the focus areas of web presence, mentoring, and professional development.

The Faculty Board of Directors developed the job description for the Lead Faculty Associate and began the advertising process in early November. A Lead Faculty Associate was selected along with six Faculty Associates; they began their terms of service in January, 2011.


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