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Abbreviated Instructor’s Resource Guide

Academic Advising: go.spcollege.edu/Advising/

Academic Calendar: go.spcollege.edu/calendar/

Academic Honesty: go.spcollege.edu/addendum/#honesty
Academic Support and Student Success:go.spcollege.edu/support/

Accessibility Services:go.spcollege.edu/accessibility/

Attendance, Active Participation, and Withdrawal

You are required to take attendance at three points during the semester: During the first week, during the second week, and at the 60% point. Attendance is entered in PeopleSoft through MySPC, not through MyCourses. You will receive email reminders of deadlines for entering attendance. If you miss any of the deadlines for entering attendance, your program administrator will have to enter your attendance.

Board of Trustees Rules and College Procedures:webapps.spcollege.edu/botrules/index.php

Campus Maps:www.spcollege.edu/friends-partners/about/locations

Career Services:go.spcollege.edu/careerservices/

Contact Directory:go.spcollege.edu/contactdirectory/

Emergency Preparedness:spcemergency.wordpress.com/

Emergency Numbers: In an emergency, call 911; then notify Security at 791-2560 / 341-3100


Faculty Manual:hr.spcollege.edu/faculty-manual/

Faculty Resources (at Staff Central):webapps.spcollege.edu/StaffCentral

Final Exam Schedule:go.spcollege.edu/FinalExamSchedule

All faculty teaching face-to-face and blended classes are expected to meet with their classes during the final exam period (except with permission of the dean).

Instructor Page:web.spcollege.edu/instructors/

International Programs:go.spcollege.edu/international/

Learning Center Tutoring Schedules:spcollege.libguides.com/schedules

Learning Resources:go.spcollege.edu/support/

Library Online:www.linccweb.org/Discover?lib_code=FLCC2400

Library Resources and Services: Log in here with your SPC credentials

Locations & Campus Maps:www.spcollege.edu/friends-partners/about/locations


MySPC Guide:go.spcollege.edu/myspc/

One College Support (SharePoint):onecollegesupport.spcollege.edu/SitePages/Home.aspx

Online Learning and Services:ols.spcollege.edu

Preventing Sexual Harassment: Included as a course in MyCourses to all new SPC employees.

Resource Guide for Students:go.spcollege.edu/resourceguide/

Staff Central:webapps.spcollege.edu/StaffCentral

Student Survey of Instruction:go.spcollege.edu/central/ssi/

Technical Support Desk:webapps.spcollege.edu/helpdesk/

Technology Tutorials for Windows, MAC, Office, and mobile: mycoursessupport.spcollege.edu/technology-tutorials

Workforce and Professional Development:go.spcollege.edu/workforceinstitute/