Center of Excellence for Teaching and Learning

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🏁 Mission and Goals

CETL Mission

To support, recognize and reward faculty in the pursuit of excellence in teaching, learning and assessing to promote student success at SPC.

CETL Goals

  • To provide a vision of teaching and learning at SPC
  • To develop and support a standard of excellence for college-wide pedagogical competencies
  • To encourage faculty to continually strive for excellence in the teaching, learning and assessment process
  • To serve as an incubator for innovative teaching and learning strategies
  • To facilitate sharing and enhancing best practices
  • To provide mentoring opportunities and resources for all faculty

CETL Governance Structure

  • CETL Faculty Board of Directors
    • Board members and chair
    • Membership Selection, Length of Service, and Responsibilities
  • CETL Faculty Associates
    • Faculty Associates
    • Membership Selection, Length of Service, and Responsibilities
  • CETL Advisory Committee: The advisory committee is comprised of a number of SPC faculty, staff and administrators, each of whom provides valued expertise from his or her fields of endeavor. Current members from various support areas serve as liaisons in order to identify and coordinate resources as well as ensure against duplication of effort.

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