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Moving the Needle moves teachers!

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The Moving the Needle min-conference was held on Seminole campus this past Saturday, Nov. 17th from 9 am – 2 pm. Moving the Needle Program

The focus was on student success initiatives at SPC, including the College Experience and Achieving the Dream.  Dr. Dan Gardner, from the Institutional Research Office, shared some initial numbers on St. Petersburg College’s progress and invited speaker Brian Barnes, philosophy professor at U of Louisville, discussed how he works to develop intellectual traits in his students.

Jeff Cavanagh discussed Veteran Services and how it can support teachers. Veterans in the Classroom  Here he shares a couple of PowerPoints that outline how the Veterans Services Department came to be, who we are and where we would like to take it. VAatSPC

Jesse Coraggio wrapped-up the morning session with a board game designed to raise awareness of the challenges different groups of students may face in achieving their college education.

The afternoon break out sessions includes 16 different presentations such as the ones detailed below:

Dr. Kevin R. Morgan

Discovery Learning and Research noted that the great discoveries of human history are often serendipitous or accidental. Kevin Morgan uses this premise for having students “journey” through the humanities via internet searches, discovery, reporting and sharing. Discovery Research

Kevin’s thoughts: “Enjoyed the guest speaker and being with fellow faculty. Great job to Li-Lee and CETL staff!”

Ms. Ginny L. Price, MS CVTCritical Thinking Resources showed several web resources and books faculty can use to help infuse their classes with active learning and critical thinking. Ginny Price discussed how these resources can be utilized across disciplines. Critical Thinking Resources

Ginny’s comments: “Super critical thinking meeting yesterday at Seminole campus. Guest speaker Brian Barnes from University of Louisville set the place on fire with his brave tactics in getting students to critically think. Thank you CETL and the SPC faculty for turning out and mentoring each other!”

Personalizing the Online Student Instructor Experience explored how distance learning can lack the emotional interaction needed for student engagement and retention.  Internet video and streaming technology can fill this gap. Kenneth Strickland  provided practical tips/strategies for incorporating video media into online and blended courses, with the purpose of enabling instructors to “get in front of” their online students to drive engagement, learning, assessment and boost student evaluation scores.  Personalizing the Online Student Instructor Experience

Kenneth adds, “Thank you for putting on such a great event. I appreciated the breadth of information, and the keynote speaker was truly incredible.”

In The Classroom, The Concrete Level Never Ends reviewed how hands-on instruction and multi-sensory approaches used with younger learners are also vital in college level. Abagail Mills discussed methods of helping students to remember the lesson by “the doing,” in addition to the reading of the material before and after class. IN THE CLASSROOM

 Kathy  BrysonThe Student Newspaper Belongs In Your Class explored how instructors in any subject area could benefit from using the student newspaper, the Sandbox. Kathy Bryson demonstrated ways to cover current events in any industry into your curriculum and add painless critical thinking to lessons. Sandbox in the classroom & News Article Outline Form

As participant Dr. Neoka Apple state, “What a great event today! Attending these discussions/workshops/events seem to solidify what I am doing as well as give me more ideas.”

A special thanks to Lillien Tunceren and Jocelyn Helbert for all their hard work and impressive efforts! Check back here regularly on the CETL website to see what conferences and events are being planned to help you in YOUR professional development!

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