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New CETL Board Members Announced

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The CETL Board of Directors met on April 22nd to select 4 faculty members to fill open board seats for the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 academic terms. The following faculty members were appointed:

David Fitzgerald (Communications, DT)
Jennifer Haber (Communications, TS)
Christopher Martinez (Adjunct Faculty, Humanities, TS)
Christian Moriarty (Ethics, SPG)

The following faculty members were previously selected in early spring to replace open seats at the end of fall 2015:

Basil Moutsatsos (Humanities, CL)
Dorothy Nulty (College of Nursing, HEC)

This was a very difficult decision for the CETL Board when reviewing all the amazing faculty that applied to serve. CETL received 34 applications for the one open seat reserved for adjunct faculty and 23 applications for the three open full-time faculty seats. As a way to incorporate this valuable support moving forward, CETL has established the CETL Adjunct Advisor Board and the CETL College Wide Advisory Board. Faculty not selected to serve on the CETL Board of Directors have been invited to be serve as part of these advisory boards. Both boards will meet at least twice a semester in fall and spring each academic year to provide faculty feedback on a variety of CETL resources and functions.

A special thank you goes to all the SPC faculty that applied. CETL looks forward to working with the new members as part of the new advisory boards. Congratulations!

The CETL Team

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