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🖥 CETL Faculty Presentation Studio

The CETL Faculty Presentation Studio, located in BT 101 at the Clearwater campus, allows faculty to create short and casual introductory or supplemental instructional videos for their courses. Only SPC faculty members are allowed to reserve and utilize the studio. Upon approval, students and members of staff may come in as volunteers, as long as the faculty member who reserved the studio remains as the project leader and accompanies them during the entirety of the recording session. Video materials recorded and produced at the CETL Video Studio should be used exclusively by SPC faculty members for educational purposes at St. Petersburg College.

Each reservation grants you 2 hours at the CETL Faculty Presentation Studio to record up to 5 videos. Each video cannot be longer than 4 minutes in length. Videos that exceed this requirement will be rejected (creation of entire lectures on video is strictly forbidden), so we ask that you please plan accordingly and practice your timing before the day of your recording. Each of your videos should approach a different topic, and not a direct continuation of the same topic from a previously recorded video. This is required to prevent faculty from recording lectures as a makeup for missed class sessions.

CETL will take care of the editing of your video, and will send you a copy of the finished video file directly to your SPC e-mail via OneDrive by the end of the week (Fridays are reserved for this purpose, regular maintenance, and meetings). A backup of your video project is kept for one month. To comply with federal law, you are required to provide proper close captioning to your video(s) before sharing with your students. You can accomplish this by using Ensemble, an SPC supported online video platform that integrates with MyCourses and provides close captioning tools. Please visit the following webpage to learn how to register for training on Ensemble: http://myresources.spcollege.edu/how-to-register-for-training

CETL Faculty Video Studio availability:

  • Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4p.m (Except Monday mornings).
  • One reservation per week. No more than one reservation at a time.
  • 2 hours of video studio use and 5 videos per reservation.
  • Remember, your videos should not exceed 4 minutes in length.

If you are an SPC faculty member and would like to reserve a time to record a short instructional video for your courses, or want to visit us to take a look, please find an empty day in the calendar below and submit one CETL Faculty Presentation Studio Survey with at least 1 week in advance. If you need to change your reservation time, please cancel the Outlook calendar invitation that you received, and then submit a new survey. For questions you may have about the studio, please e-mail Marco Capobianco at capobianco.marco@spcollege.edu.