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Multimedia repositories

  • SPC Library Guides
    Research assistance, subject guides and useful resources compiled by your friendly SPC librarians. Know what we know – find it in LibGuides! The subject guides provide resources for various courses at SPC including databases, books, multimedia, and web materials.
    MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching) is a free and open online community of resources designed primarily for faculty, staff and students of higher education from around the world to share their learning materials and pedagogy. MERLOT is a leading edge, user-centered collection of peer reviewed higher education, online learning materials cataloged by registered members, and a set of faculty development support services.
  • SERC
    The goal of the Pedagogic Service project is to encourage educators to reflect critically on their own teaching practices and to support them in exploring new pedagogies. Building on a successful model in the geosciences, faculty in various disciplines have created a library of pedagogic methods and a collection of activities which exemplify each method.
  • NSDL
    NSDL (National Science Digital Library) is the National Science Foundation’s online library of resources and collections for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education and research. Resources available through NSDL include images, video, audio, animations, software, data sets, and text documents such as lesson plans and journal articles. In addition, NSDL provides search, browse, help, blogging, collaborative work spaces, collection creation and management services, news reports and online community discussions.
  • Orange Grove
    The Orange Grove is an online, statewide initiative to store and manage Florida’s instructional, organizational and professional development resources for discovery, use and remixing by Florida faculty and administrators.


Teaching / Learning portals

  • SPC Critical Thinking Gateway
    Resources for critical thinking to enhance student learning.
  • SERC Teaching Methods
    Each pedagogic approach is described succinctly so you can quickly understand how the technique might be relevant to your teaching. Written by fellow educators, these descriptions include tips for effectively using each technique, related research on their impacts on learning, as well as a set of example activities.
  • MERLOT Pedagogy Portal
    The MERLOT Pedagogy Portal is designed to help you learn about the variety of instructional strategies and issues that could help you become a better teacher. The resources you’ll find in the portal should apply to teaching a variety of disciplines.
  • MERLOT Faculty Development Portal
    MERLOT Faculty Development homepage includes: Teaching Tips, Community of Educators, Resources outside MERLOT, Learning Materials and Showcase Feature.
  • MERLOT academic support services
    A collection of learning materials related to academic support services. A number of these have been peer-reviewed.