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We learn more about teaching reading and writing with Dr. Cher Gauweiler (College of Education, Tarpon Springs). Thanks to a travel grant from CETL, Dr. Gauweiler presented at the International Conference on College Teaching and Learning in Jacksonville, FL.

What was the conference, workshop, etc. that you attended – dates, times, sponsoring organization?

It was the International Conference for College Teaching and Learning from April 10-13, 2012, in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. It was sponsored by Florida State College in Jacksonville.

Why did you attend this event? What information were you looking for?

I wanted to present the outcomes of a service learning project I participated in with my students. I had the benefit of hearing other speakers in a variety of disciplines and learned more how to integrate technology into my courses. The theme of the conference was using humor in the classroom, so there were also a lot of creative presentations that focused on using humor to facilitate learning.

What information did you find? How did that apply to your program discipline, teaching, college students, and/or SPC?

I focused on presentations related to active learning – specifically, I learned more about different online resources that I could use to enhance current projects I have like such as a problem based learning assignment. I immediately brought back certain handouts for the sessions related to literacy that I shared with my colleagues.

Did you present at this event? If so, what was your topic?

Yes, it was sharing the outcomes of a writing project I incorporated with a children’s literature class. The students enrolled in my class – all preservice teachers – created an original book based on books by children’s author Janet Stevens. The students were able to meet Stevens at a professional development event, and Stevens signed the original books created by the preservice teachers and the public schoolchildren they worked with. Please see the attached PowerPoint for more detail –

How did your presentation go?

Excellent – in fact, one attendee for my presentation is a vice-president at a college in New York. She said she wanted to incorporate this project with adult English as a Second Language learners and has the funds to do so. 🙂

Would you attend this event in future? Would you recommend it to your colleagues?

Yes – in fact, I’m attending this year through the support of a FGO Creativity Grant I received. It’s a great interdisciplinary conference that is reasonably close for travel.

What events would you like to attend in future?

I believe that remaining current in my field is very important. Therefore, I am interested in any topic related to literacy and/or conferences that focus on dropout prevention for students who struggle in the classroom. I am open to many different types of conferences because literacy transcends many fields.

Thank you, Dr. Gauweiler, for sharing your experience presenting and attending academic conferences.  Feel free to add your insights and share ideas in the comment section below!

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