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Welcome Back to Spring Semester ’13!

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Eric Carver, Professor, Health Information Management, Health Education Center Greetings SPC Faculty! As the new CETL Lead Faculty Associate, I’ve had a few questions about the direction of CETL over the next two years as the college is working through several initiatives that impact faculty, students, and staff. In short, I don’t know what the future holds; however, rest assured I will continue to uphold CETL’s mission which is:

“To support, recognize and reward faculty in the pursuit of excellence in teaching, learning and assessing to promote student success at SPC.”

I will be working with our CETL Board, Faculty Associates, and staff to uphold this mission through our goals of:

  • Providing a vision of teaching and learning at SPC
  • Developing and supporting a standard of excellence for college-wide pedagogical competencies
  • Encouraging faculty to continually strive for excellence in the teaching, learning and assessment process
  • Serving as an incubator for innovative teaching and learning strategies
  • Facilitating sharing and enhancing best practices
  • Providing mentoring opportunities and resources for all faculty

Although it may seem that we have tons of activities that pull us many directions, I will ensure that we continue to foster these goals and work with a collaborative spirit with all institutional resources to ensure our team of faculty are provided with great opportunities to enhance teaching and learning for our students. – Dr. Eric Carver

Please feel free to contact me at carver.eric@spcollege.edu if you have any questions.

Upcoming CETL deadlines and events:

  • CETL spring grant deadlines
    • Apply online by Friday, Feb. 15
  • Faculty Development Opportunities
  • Faculty Roundtables
  • Fourteenth Annual Narrowing the Gulf Conference
    • April 4-5, EpiCenter
  • Writing with Integrity at Poynter Institute
    • May 29-30, 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
    • Poynter Institute for Media, 801 Third St. S, St. Petersburg

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