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What’s new with CETL?


Dr. Joseph Smiley and I are chairing the committee that has undertaken the initiative of creating a Center of Excellence for Teaching and Learning here at St. Petersburg College. The goals of the committee are to provide full time and adjunct faculty professional development in teaching, assessing, and critical thinking. That committee is comprised of faculty from across the disciplines and various geographic sites, as well as a few members of the staff in key positions to help the initiative. We have received overwhelming support, as well as large amounts of valuable feedback. Your guidance has helped to create many of the goals and proposed content for the new Center of Excellence for Teaching and Learning, including this start-up Website which is a work-in-progress in need of your input.

St. Petersburg College is the leader in higher education in so many ways. We already have some of the finest teaching in the world, and it is time that we do everything we can to foster that, and make these talents and resources available to the entire teaching community at the College.

Thank you so much for your support, and all that you do to make this the incredible institution that it is. Please feel free to call on me at any time for questions or to provide feedback, advice or support. I am willing to come by your campus for a visit or to speak to any groups who would like to invite me. Thanks again for making me so proud to be a member of the faculty at St. Petersburg College!

Earl Fratus
Co-Chair, Center of Excellence for Teaching and Learning


  1. I am very impressed with the tools that are provided here for faculty. Hopefully there will be constant reminders to them to check the site.

  2. I agree Mary. Faculty need to see CETL as a resource for support and development. It is my hope that as faculty begin working with CETL, the initiative can evolve and develop into a system that provides dynamic collaboration.

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